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17 - 19 March 2023

Do you have a tool and want to improve? Are you a band and want to know how we create?  Not a musician and just want to talk about music and meet us?

So we have already prepared the third camp just for you.

What will it be about?

About bluegrass, about music, about us.


Bluegrass Camp with Milkeaters is completely different from what you know from regular Workshops. We will show you our approach to music, our tricks. We will tell you how to play great songs even with a minimum of experience, how not to fight each other in the band and, on the contrary, how to squeeze the most out of the band. Be able to sell your strengths. And we will also tell you about our experiences from traveling around Europe. In short, we will tell you and show you how we do it.


Camp takes place in the beautiful, stylishly furnished Farmhouse Blaník 

What awaits you?



  • 16:00 arrivalaccommodations

  • 18:30 dinner

  • 19:30 toast, introduction "before party"

  • 21:00 performance by MILKEEATERS

  • 22:00 jamming together, KALBA?


  • 8:00 breakfast

  • 9:00 individual lessons

  • 12:00 lunch

  • 13:30 joint photo

  • 14:00 workshop - work on the stage, own creation, preparation for the performance, promotion of the band, getting contacts.

  • 15:00 playing together with the Milk Eaters (everyone plays as a member of the Milk Eaters)

  • 18:00 dinner

  • 19:00 free discussion, questions, comments, insights, jamming, KALBA?


  • 8:00 breakfast ☺

  • 9:00 a.m. joint workshop - communication in the band, communication with the public, how to secure concerts and how to determine your price, motivation, setting goals.

  • 10:30 snack + departure


  • Participation in the three-day Bluegrass Camp with the Milkeaters is: 4,500/- per participant.

  • Payment only by bank transfer and by 15.2. 2023.

  • The number of participants is limited.

Want more information?

  • Accommodation Friday to Sunday in a beautiful, home-style guesthouse Statek Blaník.

  • Great homemade food throughout the event included in the price.

  •  Camp T-shirt for each participant.

  • For newcomers, a certificate for completing a workshop with Milk Eaters and for achieving the Me title. (Milk eater) :-)

  • Lots and lots of information about music and about us.

Ask us:

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From previous years

From previous years

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