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Petr Šolc

// Double Bass

Petr Ježek

// Guitar

David Benda

// Banjo

Jan Bláha

// Fiddle

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We are a successful European music band from the Czech Republic playing from bluegrass to pop music with mostly own work. We gain most of our fans thanks to our indomitable energy, distinctive approach and hard drive.


Our greatest achievements include:

• The band is nominated for a European bluegrass band in 2022 at the French festival La Roche.

• David Benda (banjo) became the champion in banjo playing in the World Virtual Bluegrass
Banjo Contest 2020.

• Completion of a professional video for our original song entitled "Waiting for the sun".

• Release of the first CD in 2020. Members: David Benda (banjo) Petr Šolc (double bass) Petr Ježek (guitar) Jan Bláha (violin)

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